Since our aim is in helping you get the best possible value out of your capital investment, we first look for quality equipment which could be re-conditioned to original specifications at a cost lower than new equipment. With our years of experience and access to databases evaluating equipment, TSA, Inc. can provide quality factory re-conditioned equipment best suited to your needs and budget. The databases include present repair and reliability records as well as historical data. This ability allows TSA, Inc. to recommend and deliver quality reconditioned equipment which will provide you with years of dependable and productive service. We then back the equipment we provide with our warranty.

Our extended global network allows us to offer you a wide range of choices on new equipment. Again, we consider your circumstances and recommend the appropriate equipment at the best value. So whatever your needs are and whatever your preferences, we go to great lengths to give you value for your investment.

Most manufacturers and their sales people consider you one among thousands of costumers spread all over the world. Since most of their sales and income are in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Canada, they consider customers in Africa insignificant and so give them the least attention.

When you source your equipment through us, you become part of our family. Given our strong roots in and commitment to Africa, we become your advocate with the manufacturers. We stand up for you and make sure they keep all the guarantees they made to you. Since we are based in the same geographic area they are, we are able to keep them to their promises.

In these days of frequent product recalls, we become your champion and protect your investment.