The rules have changed in the new global marketplace. Companies must now look to Africa as a source of more than just raw materials. And if Africa is not to be left behind in areas of development and growth, she must look beyond aid to the same global marketplace. That means trading with the rest of the world on a fair and equitable basis. Africa can be just as valued a source for finished goods and other products as she is for raw materials.

African Trade Specialists Inc. (ATSI) has the know-how to facilitate trade with Africa. We assist companies in North America and Europe to source goods and products from Africa and help them take advantage of various US programs such as the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA). We will help you identify materials and sources of goods, negotiate costs and manage all the export and import regulations.

Our agents in Africa have a thorough knowledge of the continent and of the products and resources available in Africa and we are eager to put that knowledge at your disposal. You will find that importing from Africa has never been easier and the costs and expenses have never been lower and the opportunities have never been greater.

If you have ignored the continent as a trading source, we at ATSI can make your entry into Africa a more pleasant experience.

African companies have also been reluctant to move into markets outside their home countries because they believe such moves are costly and that the markets are inaccessible. By that attitude they have effectively cut themselves off from the major portion of the world’s marketplace. African companies can benefit and grow with a successful entry into markets in Europe and North America. With ATSI by their side they will discover that they can make a productive entrance into those markets and that what they had considered unimaginable can be feasible.

Our staff and associates have lived and worked in North America, Europe and or Asia for decades and will be resourceful facilitators for African companies making the foray into those markets.